Balloon Twisting

Balloon sculpting is an awesome way  to entertain children at a kids birthday party or an outdoor event. Jeffri Piperdy can create a multitude of

beautiful balloon sculptures, therefore every guest is able to get their personalized balloon sculpture as a gift and bring it home as a cherished souvenir! See for yourself why the adults are also queuing up in front of the balloon sculptor! In Singapore, kids birthday party, this is one of the most sought after entertainment to entertain the kids by balloon sculpting.

balloon workshop


Suitable for both kids (preferably above 8) and adults



Our course covers
– Which Balloons to Use, and the different variety available

– Basic Folds and Twist for balloon modeling
– Inflation & Tying
– Constructing Single Balloon Models
– Balloon Modeling using Multiple Balloons 

– Where to order the right balloons at below retail prices
– Equipment that aid balloon modeling
– Hands On Guided Session on Basic Balloon Modeling

– LIVE Demonstration of basic and advance techniques
– Resources for further learning and advance techniques

Depending on the learning curve of participants, some of the sculptures we cover includes:
– Balloon Heart
– Magic Wands
– Flora Bracelets
– Giant Octopus
– Basic Weapons

– And more!

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