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magic workshop for kids
(highly recommended)

Are you looking for something different for your kids party?Look no further. We got you covered.Magician Jeffri Piperdy will not only perform magic and amaze the audience ,but he will also teach the kids some really amazing magic tricks that they can impressed their friends with and who knows ? They might be the next up and coming magician after this workshop.

 This package includes 

-30 mins balloon twisting 

-30 mins of games hosting (with prizes)

-25 mins of stage magic (suitable for adults as well)

-birthday boy or girl will get to team up with the magician to perform a magic trick during the show.

-15 mins of magic workshop( materials will be provided )

-kids will be engage on a learning process where they will be taught some values

-birthday boy or girl will get a professional magic kit to bring home.

-5 to 10 mins of cake cutting hosting


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singapore magician

Magic Performance 

1.•Commercial / Family Shows

2.•Corporate Show

3.•Close Up / Walkabout 



  1. .•Product Launch

  2. •Magic Workshop

  3. •Magic Consultant

  4. •Customize illusion


Magic performance last approximately 30 minutes and are guaranteed to build magical memories that last a lifetime.

singapore magician

Close Up / Walkabout  Magic


Don’t leave your guests waiting to be seated. Give them an experience they’ll never forget.


Let our one-man magic show work the crowd with an array of eye-catching magic illusions. It’s the perfect way to set the mood for parties of all sizes.


• Outdoors
• Bars / Pubs
• Cruise Ships

   many more......

singapore magician
singapore magician

Birthday Party

The entire show is also performed to it's perfection with fast paced music, mass audiences participation, birthday child participation, comedy magic and fire! This is not another typical Kids Magic Show! 


Your birthday child will also get a chance to team up with an expert magician to perform an assortment of dazzling magic tricks that will have them talking for years to come!

why us?

1)our Magic Shows Are Affordable  


2) Our Shows Are not just for the kids but it's for the whole family to enjoy

3) our magic shows are different from the rest.The Magic Props Featured In Our Shows Are specially designed and made .The Routines Are Unique, Never Seen Before And Entertaining!

4)we are able to change the show if you decide to call us don't have to worry about your guest seeing the same repeated show.

Rubix's Cube

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